How to position yourself for a better job

The moment I typed this title, I yawned!!

That's how tideous it is searching for a Job in this economy. Unless you are from a well connected family or are good at barter exchange.

You see, kids from well connected families inherit jobs at birth only that they get to find out what job they inherited the moment they receive it. You are prolly cursing that you can't be born again but you have the opportunity to change history my friend. Marry right..! You have experienced this tough economy, don't subject your kids to the same. Get a loan and marry relatives of the likes of Bitature, Mbidde etc
Anyhow here I share what I did in search for a Job. Oh, by the way I have a Job these days, it's a great job and has everything you can Imagine for example; 
1. It's great, 
2. Its a job, 
3. Its imaginable etc. 

(Dear boss in case you read this, please increase salaer....just did aka advert)

1. Knowing my target In every endeavor it's good to know your target and how to i…

How to break deals and achieve value for money

Suwaley, we all want a discount-on-a-discount on items we are purchasing, however, sellers of several items, except for supermarkets or shops with fixed prices, Will tell you mbu the asking price is the last price and infact its the wholesale price... cheii. Wholesale namugani ...!!

Am going to give you cheat Tips on how to pay less for more. You have been exploited enough. This post does not apply to you rich fellas. These rich fellas, kyoka, when yo there bargaining for a cut from 25k to 15k they are like, "whurrt,  only 25k for the item?? No way nawe, you have to pay rent, buy more stock, eat lunch eh.. am going to quadruple, triple and even quintopolise the amount, so that's 285k yeah?? Let me just make it 300k."
And then they look at you the perplexed buyer, "sister"
You:  Sister!??? @$#&£¥₩€ *rolling eyes like duh* sister my in between the toes. Them: Sister I think you give her like 300k you can even give her more if you have bambi ... You: 
So …

Too much self confidence is bad

Eh eh but getting a job is tough anyway. Recently I was going through my old sent items but what I found was alarming. The only thing I ever used my emails for was applying for jobs. And right there I could see about 1000 sent items. And then I blinked one eye hoping the numbers would also shy away and reduce but hafazali.
It should also be noted that I have four (4) e-mail addresses. The first two had kiddish names so I figured - really, as a psychology graduate- that the indisputable reason I wasn't getting any feedback was because my email addresses were playful. I went ahead and created two other new mails that incorporated both my real names and seemed more mature. And then I started using those to apply and believe me priz.
I never got that call. E-mail names had nothing to do with it.

Until last month
So anyhow last month, like karma would have it, there were like three top companies flooding to hire me for my services. And guess what! I went for interviews, slay…

How to get by with your new lecturing Job (For those who are lecturing for survival)

One of the main traits of being a good lecturer is having the confidence, good academic papers, several other things, and the ability to make students pass. Usually, when you are a lecturer, students assume that you know way too much than they could ever understand.  This is true for some but for most not really. Some people take on lecturing jobs just to survive this harsh economy.Now I am going to give you some tips on how to get by in this profession (for those that are just lecturing for survival) . These are a collection of teaching methods that I have been witness to. And if you are lucky to have several students like me; you will earn the title,  'Best Lecturer For Life (BLFL).' 1. Choose your university carefully.  I can not speak for many universities, but the best one for you because I have been there is Makerere University Kampala. This one comes with the prestige of being among the top 10 universities in Africa so that's already a bragging point when you are i…

What it's like dating a Mukiga man/

See, since time immemorial, across the globe, ladies have always dreamed of dating a romantic man. Of course romanticism varies and most girls will have a list of what denotes this romanticism. But right now focusing on Bakiga men, the concern will be on verbal romanticism. Bakiga inhibit their emotions so much and since they have high self esteem they assume that everything is obvious.
First of all. You will never hear a Mukiga man asking you to date him or be his girlfriend. The closest to that he will say is that he likes you. That's the first and last romantic thing you will ever hear. And needless to say, they can be really charming so you will find yourself spending more time with him and months go by without you having an idea whether you are his girlfriend or not. For him, in his mind, you are his and he assumes you know it. He will not feed you with any 'nonsensical' things you might want to hear simanyi 'I will love you till lake Bunyonyi dries' or '…

Of Valentine's day... fantasies and frustrations.

So the last time I blogged it was after valentines day! And I did not want my come back post to be about valentines.
In fact, even me I said, 'eh, wabula this year I won't write about valentines day'. What's there to write about anyway??? Regardless, you know how you can be not wanting to do something but then the environment pushes you to do so? Everywhere the talk is valentines day and blah blah.
But, I envy entrepreneurs!  They are the ones who are gonna make dimes this V-day. For examplè, there is this thing of Speaking Roses am seeing all over Facebook.  Who ever thought roses could speak? I really donno if they speak English or Rukiga but if you really love someone and fear to tell them or you have a crush on someone,  just tell the roses what to say and they will speak for you.  
So me I bought my self one speaking rose which I intend to give to myself and I brag on you bambi who will get nuthing on V-day. I bought it much earlier bacause sometimes I have no on…

My Valentine’s Week in Detail

The Last two years, really, my calendar ran like 12, 13, 13½, 15, 16 etc. But this year is a year of change. A year of casting all my fears away and facing to whatever comes my way. Fear has made me give up on promising opportunities (which I do not necessarily regret) but still wonder what season two would have been like.
So this year, I decide to retain the14th on my calendar. Nevertheless, the week starting 10th is already being alot to handle. We all know people start coming up with funny alibis for the 14th Feb as soon as the new-year sets in. Smart people always plan ahead.
February 10th: Monday This is how the conversation goes with Ongom; Him:    So when can I see you? Me:      When you have time. Him:    Uhm Wednesday oor... oooor or Unnh... Friday?             Nonononoonononononono, not Friday.             Friday No No.             Maybe Saturday?
At that moment I know am single again. Acknowledging facts is the first step in healing. I resolve to just listen to music and keep sipp…